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Underage Drinking Archives

What are the penalties for underage drinking?

It's a choice many college students make: drinking while under the legal age of 21 at a college party or gathering. It may seem like no big deal to enjoy a drink while socializing on campus. But an underage drinking conviction comes with penalties that may be heftier than you think.

Underage Drinker Released After Winning Rock, Paper, Scissors

According to a Huffington Post article, a woman at a Texas music festival was not issued an Underage Drinking citation after she beat the officers at a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. The event was apparently recorded and went viral. The officers are now in trouble and have been banned from working the same concert in the future.

Underage Drinking and Marijuana Use by Pennsylvania High School Seniors

According to a recent article, the percentage of high school seniors and even younger students that have consumed alcohol in Pennsylvania is higher than the national average. The article draws its data information from a 2013 Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency report.

Penn State Underage Drinker Serves Two Suspensions After Removed from ARD

Many people are not aware that a conviction of Underage Drinking in Pennsylvania results in a mandatory suspension of Pennsylvania driving privileges. Many Penn State and Lock Haven students that are first-time offenders of Underage Drinking participate in a first-time offender program, like Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) or the State College Youthful Offender Program (YOP), which allows the student to avoid a conviction, have the charge dismissed and then expunged from the criminal records. Participation in such programs normally results in the suspension of driving privileges. The suspension, set forth in 18 Pa.C.S.A. § 6310.4 and 75 Pa.C.S.A. § 1532(d), is 90 days for a first offense, 1 year for a second offense, and 2 years for a third and every subsequent offense. For more information about Underage Drinking charges in  Pennsylvania, check out this State College defense lawyer's page.