Man Gets Two Life Sentences – One for Murder and One for Marriage


A San Diego Superior Court judge recently presided over a jury trial at which a man was convicted of murder, and the judge imposed a sentence of 53 years to life. After the victim’s family was escorted from the courtroom, the judge switched roles from punishment to love as she wed the man to a long-lost girlfriend. The couple dated as teenagers but lost touch when she  became pregnant at the age of 16. Now, at the age of 33, the woman wanted to locate the father of her child, and she was able to do so, probably assisted by media coverage that would be associated with a murder trial.

While the convicted murderer was shackled during the ceremony, he was permitted a quick kiss and was given two pieces of cake. The man’s criminal defense lawyer was surprised as no one had informed him of the scheduled marriage ceremony following sentencing. The honeymoon will have to wait. The man does intend to appeal the conviction, so he and his new wife hope that he will someday be exonerated and released from jail so that they can enjoy an actual honeymoon. The man is hoping to beat one life sentence so that he can enjoy his other life sentence. He is hoping to give up the shackles for a ball and chain.