Marijuana Lollipops Seized in Buffalo Drug Raid


I have heard of people being creative in ways to ingest marijuana, from hookas and bongs, gas masks, and even in food, such as marijuana brownies. A few years ago, a client in a Penn State marijuana possession case was caught at the Grateful Dead concert with marijuana brownies, and she wanted to make non-marijuana brownies for the police. As her criminal defense lawyer, I was able to convince her that the Penn State police really didn’t want brownies as they would fear what may be in them, including marijuana.

I was surprised to hear that Buffalo police discovered 640 marijuana lollipops during a recent drug raid. The lollipops were delivered from California, where the lollipops could actually be legally possessed. While marijuana may be legal in California, it is not legal in New York. Aside from the marijuana lollipops, the police also found additional quantities of leaf marijuana, cocaine, and approximately $13,000.00 in cash. Not surprisingly, based upon the quantity of marijuana found, the police filed a felony charge of possession with intent to deliver.

I have a few questions – What does a marijuana lollipop taste like? Do they add flavouring, such as cherry or chocolate, or would be able eat a dried weed simply to get high? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a marijuana lollipop?

Penn State Drug Possession Defense Attorney

If you happen to be a Penn State student and are caught by the police with either one or quite a few marijuana lollipops, or maybe even the classic marijuana brownies, contact your local State College criminal defense lawyer for a free consultation.