Centre County Inmate Escapes from Trustee Program at Prison

By Jason Dunkle on G+ I expect that all of our parents have told us to forgo judging another person until you have walked the proverbial mile in his shoes. I have tried to apply that philosophy in my field as a criminal defense lawyer and do not judge clients. While I try to refrain… view more

Detention or Custody in State College DUI Investigation

By Jason Dunkle on G+ In a recent blog, I discussed when police-citizen interactions are investigative detentions or custodial situations, and I reviewed a typical Penn State marijuana possession investigation to show both concepts in a practical situation. I also noted that the distinction between a mere encounter and custody can be important for 5th… view more

Fox Guarding Hen House? Judges Supervise Behavior of Judges

By Jason Dunkle on G+ “Justice” Not Always Found in Justice System In my opinion, there are many things that occur in the criminal “justice” system that are not just or fair. For example, I have represented clients that were convicted of Underage Drinking and received a more severe license suspension than someone that was… view more

Lawyer’s Online Ad Sought Legal Assistant That Provided “Benefits”

By Jason Dunkle on G+ A lawyer in Chicago apparently tried to avoid a potential sexual harassment law suit by expressly advising applicants for a legal assistant position that sexual favors were expected a part of the assistant’s duties. The job was posted on Craigslist and stated that the assistant was responsible for secretarial tasks… view more