Penn State’s Delay of McQueary Suit Scheduled for Centre County Hearing


Former Penn State assistant football coach Mike McQueary has filed a defamation and whistleblower suit against Penn State seeking over $4 million. Much of McQueary’s claim is based upon former Penn State President Graham Spanier’s public support of former Penn State administrators Tim Curley and Gary Schultz after they were charged with criminal perjury offenses. According to McQueary, Spanier’s support of Curley and Schultz caused harm to McQueary’s reputation.

Penn State recently filed a motion with the Centre County Court of Common Pleas in Bellefonte to request a delay of McQueary’s lawsuit until after the trials of Curley and Schultz are concluded.  The criminal defense attorneys for Curley and Schultz recently requested a continuance in their casts.

Penn State has publicly stated that it will present a vigorous defense in opposition to McQueary’s claims.  In seeking to delay McQueary’s claims, Penn State claims that it would be unfair to force it to present a defense while the criminal charges against Penn State’s former employees are pending. A hearing is set for this Tuesday on Penn State’s request for a delay.

Penn State’s request to delay McQueary’s lawsuit is somewhat odd to me as the Penn State Board of Trustees recently scheduled an emergency meeting to try and settle claims being brought by Sandusky victims. In one situation, Penn State is fast-tracking efforts to close out the Sandusky issues and move forward, but, with regard to McQueary, Penn State is trying to drag its feet. Penn State was quick to accept the unprecedented sanctions from the NCAA, and many people still question that decision and the fact that it was negotiated in advance.  It simply seems odd that Penn State appears to make rash decisions in some situations but seeks to delay others.  I am not opposed to delay in order to make sure that proper decisions are made, but I question why Penn State is delaying the McQueary lawsuit while pushing through the other civil settlements that will involve millions and millions of dollars.  Everyone agrees that victims should be compensated, but I think that people also understand that the possiblity of free money brings people out of the woodwork claiming that they were victimized.