Swinging Pool Stick at Police Results in State College Resisting Arrest Charges


According to the Centre Daily Times, State College Police filed charges of Simple Assault, Resisting Arrest, Disorderly Conduct, and Harassment against a man for allegedly swinging a pool stick at police officers at the Phyrst bar. Had the man attempted to assault the police, he most likely would have been charged with a more serious assault charge because any attempt to cause bodily injury to a police officer is a felony charge of Aggravated  Assault. Instead, he most likely was involved in a State College bar fight and then simply resisted arrest when the police arrived to investigate the assault case. The Resisting Arrest and Simple Assault charges are misdemeanor offenses, and a conviction could result in a sentence of incarceration. After being arrested by the police, the man was taken before a Philipsburg judge that set bail at $10,000.00. Because the man was unable to post bail, he was taken to the Centre County Prison.

Pending State College DUI Case

According to the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts online court docket sheets, this man may have new Centre County criminal charges, but he also had a pending State College DUI case. If the driving under the influence case were a first offense, the man may have been permitted to participate in the Centre County ARD program to not only avoid the  conviction but also to have the charges dismissed and expunged. With the man getting into trouble again, it is highly likely that the Centre County District Attorney may prohibit the man from participating in the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program.

If the man is convicted or pleads guilty to a first offense of driving under the influence in Pennsylvania, the Centre County judge is often required to impose a mandatory minimum sentence that includes jail time, fine, and license suspension.