Unconventional Use for Toothpaste – Avoid Speeding Tickets


I like those books and posts on the web that tell you that normal households products can be used to fix some problems, such as white vinegar being used to  clean hard water deposits from coffee makers. I recently came across an article that found a new use for toothpaste – an automobile anti-speeding detection solution.

According to an online article, a man in China used toothpaste to change a number or letter on his license plate so that speed enforcement cameras along the road would have incorrect information for his speeding Porsche and thereby could not issue a speeding ticket. Can you blame a man for driving his Porsche at speeds that were slightly over the posted limit? Bad news for the man was that his deception was discovered, and the man was penalized by having a sufficient number of points assigned to his license so that his driving privileges were suspended. I am left to wonder how the police discovered the deception. Was it the work of vigilant police that wanted to find a habitual speeder, or was it simply because the toothpaste washed off in a heavy rain?

To the best of my knowledge, Centre County does not use cameras to enforce traffic laws. Instead, most of our speeding cases are prosecuted after being observed by the local police departments. The major highways are often watched by Pennsylvania state troopers, and the troopers use radar guns for speed enforcement. In Pennsylvania, only state troopers are permitted to use radar, so the local police departments, such as the State College police, use less precise speed timing devices. Regardless of the speed timing device used, Centre County speeding cases are difficult to defend. I can personally attest to the accuracy of most of the timing devices as Centre County officers have pulled me over 5 times in the last 8 years, and the officers’ accurately informed me of my traveling speed. The good news is that a talented State College criminal defense attorney was able to obtain a favorable resolution for me.