Q&A: Know Your Rights and Your Options

Why am I being charged with a crime? What is going to happen to me? What facts matter in my case? What are my options? Could I have done something differently? What are my rights?

At JD Law in State College, Pennsylvania, we know that uncertainty can cause a significant amount of stress, anxiety and fear when you are forced to deal with the criminal justice system. When you become our client, answering your questions and explaining everything about your situation is a big part of our representation.

Below are some frequently asked questions about individual rights, options and circumstances involving various criminal charges:

  • Drunk driving: How can I still be charged if I blew below a .08 BAC? What if I was drowsy from legal, prescription drugs? Can I keep a DUI off my permanent record?
  • Chemical test refusal: Can I refuse a breath, blood and/or urine test? What happens if I do? Can I get a conditional license in Pennsylvania?
  • Furnishing alcohol to a minor: What if my roommate served the alcohol? What if the minor lied to me about his or her age? What if minors brought their own alcohol to my house? Does using undercover "Cops in Shops" violate my rights?
  • Underage drinking: Will my license get suspended? Can I get a "bread and butter" license? Can the charge get reduced or dismissed? What if I only held a beer but wasn't drinking? How severe are the penalties? What if police took me to the hospital? Am I eligible for ARD?
  • Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition: What is it? Am I eligible? Will it help me keep a conviction off my permanent record? Should I still hire an attorney?
  • Drug distribution: How serious is an offense? Does it matter which drug was involved? What if police searched my home when I wasn't there? How can I be charged with trafficking if I only grew marijuana for personal use?
  • Misdemeanor drug possession: Can the police search my dorm if they smell pot? What if I wasn't in the room when they searched it? What if it is legal for me to smoke in my home state? Will a drug charge affect my license? Will it go on my permanent record?
  • Assault: What if it was self-defense? Will the police listen to my side of the story? Will it matter if I've never been charged with a crime before my arrest?
  • Expungement: Will I have a criminal record forever? Can my employers see my conviction on a background check? Is there any way to erase a conviction or seal it?

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Information listed on a website can be helpful and informative, but there is no substitute for direct advice from a lawyer if you have been charged with a crime. Every case is unique, which is why you should only rely on advice from an attorney about your personal situation.

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