ARD for Drunk Driving Q&A

State College criminal defense lawyer Jason S. Dunkle tries to answer many questions that are routinely asked by clients in ARD cases involving DUI charges. Attorney Dunkle has experience in representing people charged with DUI that have chosen to participate in the ARD program. If you or someone your know has been charged with an DUI offense, you should contact JD Law by email or by calling 814-954-1094 or 814-954-1094 and scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION with an experienced State College criminal defense lawyer. Consultations can be handled over the phone or via a face-to-face meeting. Penn State students can easily walk to the JD Law Office as it is located in downtown State College and only minutes away from the University Park Campus of Penn State. You need to talk to someone that is looking to defend your rights and obtain the best possible resolution.

What is ARD and what does the program generally require for a DUI offense?

The officer told me that I would get ARD for my DUI charges, so why should I talk to or hire a DUI defense lawyer?

What happens if I violate the conditions of the ARD program or fail to complete the requirements?

Can I avoid having my license suspended for my DUI charge by participating in ARD or am I eligible for a "bread and butter" license?

Does completion of ARD for my DUI offense automatically result in the expungement of the charges from my record?

Can I have the DUI charge expunged from my Pennsylvania driving record?

I was told that my DUI charges were expunged after I completed ARD, but the DUI charges appeared on a criminal background search. How could this happen and what can be done?