State College criminal defense lawyer Jason S. Dunkle has been representing people in Pennsylvania charged with driving under the influence since 2004.  His experience and skill has allowed him to obtain many favorable resolutions for clients. On this page, Attorney Dunkle tries to answer many questions that are routinely asked in DUI cases, including why should someone hire a lawyer when my blood alcohol level was above the legal limit? If you are a first time offender of DUI and are looking for more information about the ARD program, check out this page.

DUI Pre-charge & Investigation Questions

What are field sobriety tests?

Do I have to complete field sobriety tests during a DUI stop in Pennsylvania?

Is it legal to turn away from a DUI checkpoint?

Do the police need probable cause to conduct a traffic stop for a DUI?

I was arrested for DUI and submitted to a blood test, but the officer released me and didn't give me any paperwork. What is going to happen?

DUI Charge and Dismissal Questions

The officer did not Mirandize me, can I have the charges dismissed?

How can the police officer charge me with DUI when they did not see me driving?

How can the police charge me with a DUI when I refused the blood test?

How can I be charged with a DUI if I was driving on private property and not on a highway?

How can I be charged with DUI when I only took prescription medications or took lawful over-the-counter medications?

How can I be charged with DUI when I was riding a bike and not driving a vehicle?

How can I be charged with a "drug DUI" when I had used the drugs before driving and was not "impaired" when I drove?

I have a prior DUI but my charges say it is a first offense, can the police fix the mistake?

I had a child in my car while driving under the influence, do I face more severe penalties?

Driving Under the Influence Sentences and Penalties

What are the penalties for a DUI conviction?

Can I get an bread and butter or work license?

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