Drug Distribution Q&A

By Jason Dunkle on G+

State College criminal defense lawyer Jason S. Dunkle tries to answer many questions that are routinely asked by clients in felony drug delivery. Attorney Dunkle has experience in representing people charged with misdemeanor drug possession and felony drug delivery or possession with intent to deliver charges. If you or someone your know has been charged with a drug related offense, you should contact JD Law by email or by calling (814) 954-7622 or (814) 954-7622 and schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with an experienced State College criminal defense lawyer. Consultations can be handled over the phone or via a face-to-face meeting. Penn State students can easily walk to the JD Law Office as it is located in downtown State College and only minutes away from the University Park Campus of Penn State. You need to talk to someone that is looking to defense your rights and obtain the best possible resolution.

Charge, Evidence, and Penalty Questions

How can I be charged with drug delivery or dealing when I only gave the drugs to someone else and did not get paid or make money?

Since I have never been in trouble before, am I eligible to participate in a first-time offenders program such as ARD and thereby have my drug delivery charges dismissed and expunged?

How can they charge me with possession with intent to deliver when they only found a small amount of drugs on me or at my residence?

How can I be charged with a felony when I was only growing marijuana plants for personal use?

How can the district attorney try to impose a mandatory minimum sentence for delivery of drugs in a school zone when the officer didn't charge me with delivering in a school zone?

How can I be charged with drug delivery if the police do not have the drugs and thereby could not test them?

Suspension of Driving Privileges Questions

Why are my Pennsylvania driving privileges being suspended for my drug conviction when the conviction had nothing to do with a car?

I received notification from PennDOT that my Pennsylvania driving privileges are being suspended because of a drug conviction, but, since I need my license to drive to work, should I file an appeal?

Am I eligible to receive an Occupational Limited License for my suspension related to a drug charge?

Additional Collateral Consequences

How can the district attorney attempt to forfeit money that they cannot prove was the proceeds of illegal activity?

Can I have a felony drug conviction expunged?

Am I permitted to have a firearm if I am convicted of a delivery or possession with intent to deliver?