Success Stories

Centre County Criminal Defense Attorney

State College criminal defense lawyer Jason S. Dunkle has represented hundreds of clients charged with criminal offenses in various counties in Pennsylvania. Every case must be reviewed thoroughly to discover what defense arguments can be asserted and what defense strategy should be used. Attorney Dunkle has successfully represented clients that have been charged with various offenses, from felony Rape to DUI and misdemeanor Drug Possession.

Attorney Dunkle has also obtained favorable results for criminal defense clients in various phases of cases, from pre-charge negotiations, preliminary hearings, pre-trial suppression and pre-trial dismissal motions, trial, appeal, Post-Conviction Relief Act (PCRA) Petitions, and even expungement.

Below are summaries of cases that proceeded to litigation, and in which Centre County defense attorney Jason S. Dunkle produced great results for the client. It must be noted that every case is different and such results are not possible in every case. The case results set forth below are based upon the particular facts and circumstances of those cases.

Pennsylvania Appellate Experience

Huntingdon County DUI - Conviction Reversed, Suppression of Evidence Granted

Centre County Drug Charge - Warrantless Search of Client's State College Residence

Criminal Defense Trial Experience

Accused of Lying on Gun Application

Penn State Resisting Arrest Case - Shove of Officer Was Self-Defense

Mifflin County Rape Case - Allegations of Consensual Sex

Centre County DUI Case - Drinking While Parked Not a Crime

Blair County PFA Violation - Call to Ex-Wife Not Intentional

Self-Defense in State College Fight

Pre-trial Experience - Suppression

Centre County Drug Charge - Search of Client After Public Urination in Downtown State College

Warrantless Entry Into State College Apartment - Marijuana Charges Dismissed

Mifflin County DUI Case - Unconstitutional Detention on Second DUI in Same Night

Penn State Marijuana Possession and Paraphernalia Case - Violation of Right to a Speedy Trial

Centre County Drug Case - Unconstitutional Search of Fraternity House

Centre County DUI Case - Suppression of Admission to Drinking - Miranda Violation

Centre County Drug Case - Warrantless Entry of an Apartment in Downtown State College

Mifflin County Possession of Child Pornography Case - Buyer Beware when Purchasing a Used Computer

Centre County Drug Case - Running from Police on Penn State Campus

Pre-Trial Experience - Sufficiency of Evidence Dismissal

Penn State Drug Paraphernalia Case - Pipe Is a Pipe, Not Paraphernalia

Centre County Fake ID Case - Failure of Officer to Adequately Warn Client

Centre County Drug Case - Suspected Marijuana was Not Marijuana

Mifflin County Drug Paraphernalia Case - Baggy Was Not Paraphernalia

Preliminary Hearing Success

Centre County Drug Case - Unconstitutional Patdown Search for Weapons

Centre County DUI Case - Parked in Bar Parking Lot

Centre County Furnishing Alcohol to Minor - Cops-In-Shops Follow Up Investigation

Post-Conviction Relief Act (PCRA)

Centre County Murder Case - Multiple Attorneys Missed the Time Deadline for Filings

Centre County Drug Delivery Case - Attorney Failed to Thoroughly Investigate Charges & Review Evidence

Centre County Expungement

Centre County Resisting Arrest Case - Expungement of Summary Convictions

Blair County Drug Case - Expungement of Dismissed Drug Charges

State College Underage Drinking Case Results

Case Wins and Not Guilty Verdicts in Summary Trials