State College Driving Under Suspension DUI-Related Lawyer

Many people make a bad decision and drive while under the influence, and a DUI case often results in a license suspension.  Regrettably, some people get caught driving while suspended OR they drive before they restore their driving privileges.  The law states that a suspension is DUI-related until the person serves the suspension AND restores the license, which means having the physical Pennsylvania license in their hands.  For out-of-state license holders, they must pay to restore their Pennsylvania driving privileges, and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) will send a letter confirming that the privileges have been restored.  Driving privileges are NOT restored or reinstated simply because the suspension time has ended.  The person

MUST follow the steps required by PennDOT to restore the driving privileges.  For more information about restoring driving privileges, check out this page.

Penalties Driving Under Suspension DUI-Related

Many people do not realize the severe penalties associated with Driving Under Suspension when the suspension is DUI-related. In many situations, the penalty for Driving Under Suspension is more severe than the initial DUI charge that caused the suspension. A conviction of driving under suspension DUI-related in violation of section 1543(b)(1) carries a mandatory minimum sentence of:

If a person is Driving Under Suspension DUI-related and had a blood alcohol concentration of at least .02 percent OR has any amount of a Schedule I drug or non-prescribed Schedule II or III controlled substances, then the person is likely to be charged with Driving Underage suspension under 1543(b)(1.1).  A conviction of this law carries a mandatory minimum sentence of:

Additional License Suspension

A conviction of Driving Under Suspension in violation of section 1543(b) will result in an additional suspension of driving privileges.  The length of the suspension is based upon whether the person’s license or driving privileges were suspended or revoked.  If the person’s driving privileges were under suspension at the time of driving, the person receives an additional one-year suspension of driving privileges.  If the driving privileges were revoked and not just suspended, then PennDOT will impose a two-year additional suspension for the Driving Under Suspension conviction.

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