State College Criminal Defense Attorney Jason Dunkle

A Penn Stater representing Penn Staters

Why should you hire Jason?

Maybe the better question is why would you not hire Jason.  Client reviews show that he has a history of satisfying clients. Reviews from other attorneys show that he is respected by the criminal defense community. His attorney ratings and numerous awards show that he is skilled and produces good results. He has children, so he knows what it is like to be a parent and want to protect one’s children from harm.  Jason checks all the boxes when considering factors that should be reviewed when hiring a criminal defense attorney.

Testimonial from one of our clients:

“I was so fortunate in an unfortunate circumstance to be represented by Jason. He was the highest level of response, professionalism and preparation I could have asked for, setting clear expectations for process and outcome. He is a valuable resource on current law and treats clients with attention and respect. Highly recommended.”