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Criminal Defense Attorney Charged with Disorderly Intoxication

Alcohol can often lead a Jekyll and Hyde phenomena that causes normally intelligent people to make very poor decisions, and alcohol negatively impacts everyone, including criminal defense attorneys. According to a newspaper report, a Florida criminal defense attorney was recently arrested and charged with Disorderly Intoxication after getting into a drunken argument in public with… view more

BYOB Not a Defense to Pennsylvania Furnishing Alcohol Charges

A Philadelphia area woman that had previously run to be the Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania was charged with Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor after allegedly throwing an underage drinking party for her daughter’s 17th birthday.  At the Preliminary Hearing, various teenage attendees testified that the woman hosted the party at her home and actively participated… view more

Assault With a Christmas Tree

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, but a woman chose to attack her would-be-spouse.  A 20-year-old Florida woman became somewhat of a grinch on Christmas Eve and took a verbal argument with her boyfriend a bit too far.  The woman grabbed the Christmas tree that had… view more

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana: What You Need To Know

The number of medicinal marijuana users grown exponentionally the program’s inception in Pennsylvania in 2016. While medicinal marijuana has been around for years, there are still many confusing issues that lead to violations of the law and criminal charges for violators. People using medicinal marijuana often have the same questions: Can I grow my own… view more

Illegal Stop Leads to Suppression of Evidence in State College DUI

Unconstitutional Traffic Stop In a recent State College DUI case, a police officer conducted a traffic stop for a speeding violation.  The officer had followed the driver for approximately four miles and, using the police car’s speedometer, clocked the driver’s speed at 53.7 miles per hour in a posted 45 mile per hour zone.  During… view more

Judge Dismisses Charges in Centre County DUI

In a recent Centre County DUI case, a judge was required to determine whether or not the prosecutor had presented sufficient evidence to show that the suspect had been intoxicated to the extent that he was incapable of safe driving.  The charge was a bit outside the norm because the suspect had refused to submit… view more