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October 2012 Archives

Penn State Students' Response to Hurricane Sandy - Drink Hurricane Beer, Not Commit Criminal Activity

While some Penn State students took advantage of afternoon classes being canceled due to Hurricane Sandy by purchasing 40 ounce bottles of Hurricane malt liquor, there were no news reports of any increased criminal activity.  Regrettably, news reports have stated that some people in South Brooklyn were involved in looting and fights. Stressful situations sometimes bring out the worst in people.

"Theme" Drinking at Penn State - Students Buy "Hurricane" Malt Liquor

As a Penn State alum and member of a fraternity, I have been around many people that didn't really need an excuse to drink.  Some Penn State students chose to give tribute to Hurricane Sandy after afternoon classes were canceled.  On Monday, State College 6-pack shops noticed a surge of  sales on Hurricane brand malt liquor.  While a regular day's sales were one case, meaning 12 of the 40 ounces bottles of beer, by 3:30 p.m. on Monday, the shop had sold 11 cases, or 120 more bottles than normal.

Penn State Continues to Rally

Despite the Penn State football team's disappointing loss to Ohio State yesterday, Penn State continues to rally in support of the university.  Many outsiders point to the Sandusky travesty and claim that the football program was above the law and bigger than the university.  They use the allegations that school administrators covered up the early allegations against Sandusky as evidence of their beliefs.  The football program, and the athletic programs in general, are a big portion of the public view of Penn State, but the Penn State spirit is so much more.