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November 2012 Archives

Defense Lawyers for PSU Administrators Claim Privilege Prohibits Testimony

THe criminal defense lawyers for former Penn State Administrators Tim Curley and Gary Schultz are trying to prohibit former General Counsel for Penn State, Attorney Cynthia Baldwin, from testifying against them in their upcoming preliminary hearings.  The criminal defense lawyers claim that Curley and Schultz believed that Baldwin was  representing them when they appeared before the grandy jury to testify in the sex abuse scandal involving Jerry Sandusky.  In believing that Baldwin was their attorney, Curley and Schultz believed that any statements provided to Baldwin were made under the protections of attorney-client privilege. Baldwin rejects the notion that she was the attorney for either or the men and instead claims that she was the attorney for Penn State University and not for the former administrators.  Baldwin has already provided testimony to the grand jury about her conversations with Curley and Schultz, but it is not known whether or not she asserted attorney-client privilege at the proceeding.  It is possible that she asserted the privilege but was still ordered by the presiding judge to testify, but it is also possible that she testified freely under the belief that no such privilege existed as Curley and Schultz were not her clients.

One-Car Accident Results in DUI Charges Against Two People

How does a one-car accident result in DUI charges against two people?  First, at approximately 1:30 a.m., a woman drove her vehicle off the roadway, hit a pole, and then the vehicle flipped over.   Not surprisingly, an accident occurring on clear roads in the wee hours of the morning leads to suspicion of driving while intoxicated.  In this case, the suspicion was correct as the woman was later charged with DUI. Nothing really outside of the norm so far.

Would a Fake ID With a Cartoon Photo Work in State College?

Being a State College criminal defense attorney since 2004, I have represented many Penn State students charged with Possession of a Fake ID. Of course, the quality of the Fake IDs varies from the high quality ones purchased from ID Chief to the low budget ones picked up at Jersey Shore vendors.