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December 2013 Archives

Boyfriend Gets Red Nose on Christmas Eve After Being Bitten by Girlfriend

A Western Pennsylvania man forgot to stop at the store and pick up something for his girlfriend. What man hasn't forgotten a birthday or anniversary? In this case, the oversight was just barbeque sauce. Maybe the sauce was for the roast beast that was cooking in the home for Christmas, and maybe the girlfriend was upset that she would be required to drive to the store to get the sauce and would thereby miss the first showing of the 24-hour marathon of a Christmas Story on TBS. Regardless of her reasoning, according to an online news article,  the girlfriend became a bit agitated and bit her boyfriend on the nose. At some point, the boyfriend struck the woman in the eye.

Pennsylvania Defense Lawyer Jailed After Allegedly Selling Drugs to Undercover Cop

According to an online newspaper report, a Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney was recently arrested and charged with various offenses related to the delivery of drugs after he allegedly sold prescription pills to an undercover police officer on two separate occasions. Ironically, it is claimed that the lawyer had just represented a doctor that had been accused of over-prescribing medications to clients and that the lawyer delivered oxycodone pills to an undercover officer one day after the doctor's trial had ended. Approximately one month later, the attorney allegedly called the undercover officer again and delivered 180 oxycodone pills to him in exchange for approximately $3,000.00.

Penn State Wrestler Should Receive Same Treatment in State College DUI Case

A very prominent Penn State wrestler was recently arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence in State College, and a blood test showed that his blood alcohol level was a .281%. When I saw a "prominent" wrestler, you do not get much better than being a two-time national champion that is currently pursuing a third individual championship and helping the Penn State wrestling  team garner a fourth consecutive team championship. While the wrestler is top notch in his field, I hope that he is treated the same as every other Penn State student that is charged with criminal offenses in Centre County and must also go through the school's disciplinary system.