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February 2014 Archives

Drunk Man Ratted Out by Pet Parrot at DUI Checkpoint

A Mexico City man was recently stopped at a DUI checkpoint and asked to exit his car, after which the police heard a voice informing them that the man was drunk. After looking in the vehicle, the police discovered that the man had been ratted out by his pet parrot. The police then conducted a routine driving under the influence investigation and had the driver perform field sobriety tests. After the man failed to perform the tests to the satisfaction of the police, he was arrested for drunk driving and transported to a police holding cell. It is unknown whether or not the police gave the parrot a cracker for its cooperation, but the police did permit the parrot to remain with its owner in the holding cell to avoid any separation issues. I just wonder how happy the man was to be incarcerated with his snitching parrot.Everyone has heard of Miranda warnings that a person has the right to remain silent, and criminal defense lawyers always tell people that they should exercise that right and keep their mouths shut, but what does a person do to keep their pet parrot quiet?