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March 2014 Archives

State College Burglars Caught on Apartment Surveillance Video

While the crime rate overall has decreased in State College over State Patty's Day weekend, it doesn't mean that serious crimes do not occur. The police received reports of items missing from the Meridian II apartment building, so the police contacted the realty company that manages the building and reviewed video footage. The video shows two men walking hallways, checking doors to see if they were open, disappearing into some apartments, and presumably removing  items from the vacant apartments. In order to try and identify the men, the police have released the video to local media outlets, including the Centre Daily Times online newspaper. The police released this video with the hope of catching these thieves, and there are several clear frames of these men's faces, so they will be easily identified by any friends or family who might see the video.

Police Officers Admit to Getting High from Marijuana at Office

As a criminal defense lawyer in State College since 2004, I have dealt with members of the Centre County Drug Task Force, agents with the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office, and general officers of the local police departments on marijuana cases. I have used the much repeated joke over the years that the officers probably "field test" the marijuana by smoking it and seeing if they get high. In a recent article on the Huffington Post, police officers at a department in Northern France have approximately 90 pounds of marijuana in the evidence room of the police station, and the officers are complaining that they are getting high from the strong odor of marijuana emanating throughout the building. Some officers had even taken a drug test, and they tested positive for marijuana. The agency that normally picks up the drug evidence and transports it to another location is on strike, so the marijuana stash has been piling up for a few weeks.