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July 2014 Archives

Auburn Football Player Charged With Marijuana Possession Days After Attending DARE Program

For those that don't know, DARE stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education and was an anti-drug program created in the 1980's under the Reagan Administration's War on Drugs. The program has been taught to elementary and high school students by law enforcement officers since then. You can imagine that the police would seek volunteers from the community that would be respected by the kids, such as local college football players. Some Auburn football players recently volunteered to help put on a DARE program in Alabama.  In an ironic twist, one of the players, an anticipated starting safety, was caught recently a passenger in a car in which a police officer smelled marijuana. After smelling marijuana in the car that was stopped for speeding, the officer allegedly noticed marijuana shake on the player's lap and a bag of weed nearby. The player was later charged with marijuana possession and was released on a $3,000.00 bond.

Penn State Underage Drinker Serves Two Suspensions After Removed from ARD

Many people are not aware that a conviction of Underage Drinking in Pennsylvania results in a mandatory suspension of Pennsylvania driving privileges. Many Penn State and Lock Haven students that are first-time offenders of Underage Drinking participate in a first-time offender program, like Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) or the State College Youthful Offender Program (YOP), which allows the student to avoid a conviction, have the charge dismissed and then expunged from the criminal records. Participation in such programs normally results in the suspension of driving privileges. The suspension, set forth in 18 Pa.C.S.A. § 6310.4 and 75 Pa.C.S.A. § 1532(d), is 90 days for a first offense, 1 year for a second offense, and 2 years for a third and every subsequent offense. For more information about Underage Drinking charges in  Pennsylvania, check out this State College defense lawyer's page.

Pennsylvania DUI Checkpoint - Do I Need to Stop and Provide Info?

A DUI checkpoint was recently staged in the Penns Valley area of Centre County. With the police stopping 77 vehicles but only making one DUI arrest and issuing two traffic citations, I would say that the checkpoint was not a success. Obviously, as a resident on this area, I am not complaining about a lack of drunk drivers being on the roadway. However, DUI checkpoints are not a cheap economic endeavor as they often require many police officers, and such  warrantless stops of vehicles are an inconvenience to society.

Woman Arrested After Using Indecent Weapon - Throwing Underwear

A Florida woman did not believe that her verbal assaults were getting the appropriate response from another woman that was walking by on the street, so the Florida woman bumped it up a notch and threw a pair of underwear at the other woman. Police were summoned. Surprise, surprise, alcohol appears to have  been involved. It would probably be more accurate to say that alcohol was the cause of the drunken, belligerent behavior.

Ex-Judge Disbarred for Failing to Disclose Personal Relationship With Prosecutor

I believe that everyone has heard that judges are to avoid "any appearance of impropriety." This often means that if the judge has a personal relationship with attorneys, victims, police officers, or witnesses in a case, the judge discloses the relationship to the attorneys and considers recusing or removing him or herself from the case. For example, a judge may have a child in the same class as the child of a witness. The judge would disclose the relationship to the attorneys in the case, and in such a situation, the attorneys would probably not seek the  judge's recusal because the relationship was minor. However, if the judge was the godmother for the witness's child, then the relationship would probably mandate the judge's recusal.

Woman Threatens Sister With Knife After Sister Refuses to Make Beer Run

Siblings, even adult siblings, sometimes have disagreements that lead to fights. However, most of those arguments do not lead to threats to a person's life and criminal charges. A Florida woman recently became enraged after her sister refused to take her on a beer run. How mad was she? The woman threatened to get a knife and stab her sister, and she then proceeded to grab a large knife. The woman's nephew then decided to call the police for help, and the woman took ahold of the nephew by the hair. After the police arrived, the woman claimed that she was acting in self-defense after she was attacked by her family  for no reason. The police obviously didn't believe that the woman wielded the knife in self-defense because she was charged with Aggravated Assault.