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April 2015 Archives

American Girls Arrested In Italy for Vandalizing Roman Colosseum

When I read the headline, I had to click and read the article because I could not imagine that people would vandalize such a historic site and building. I was wrong. Two American girls, one twenty-one and the other twenty-five years of age, decided to add their own historical element to the Roman Colosseum by carving their initials into a wall. I guess getting the cheesy t-shirts that said "We were at the Roman Colosseum and all we got were these stinking shirts" was not  a good enough reminder. Instead they wanted to leave a lasting impression of their presence for all future visitors to enjoy.

College Student Has Fake ID Delivered to Dean of School

College students, fake IDs, and underage drinking go together like peanut butter and jelly. Some overseas businesses have made a lot of money by providing college students with fake IDs. A while back, one company was offering a buy one, get one free arrangement. I know this because I actually represented a Penn State student that tried to purchase alcohol at a State College six pack shop using his first fake identification card, but the card was seized after the worker felt that it was not authentic. Undeterred, the student tried to get into a  bar using his second fake ID. His luck was no better as the man was prohibited from entering the bar by the bouncer, who also called the police. The police charged the student with a summary offense of Possession of a False Identification Card under 18 Pa.C.S.A. ยง 6310.3.