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August 2015 Archives

Party at Pennsylvania College Leads to Forty-Five Underage Drinking Citations

College campuses across Pennsylvania and across the United States are full of underage drinkers and underage drinking parties. While the partying activity is widespread, it is still illegal and not ignored by most police departments. In a recent York County, Pennsylvania incident, a few York College students decided to host a party and possibly make some money by charging $10.00 per person to attend. Because their marketing budget was limited, the young entrepreneurs turned to Facebook to spread the word. Regrettably, they failed to understand that the police also have access to social media.

Publically Drunk on Your Own Front Porch

The Iowa Supreme Court was tasked with considering whether or not a homeowner could be convicted of Public Drunkenness or Public Intoxication when the person was on the front porch of her own residence. According to an online article, the police were summoned to the residence to investigate a domestic incident. Upon arriving, they encountered a woman on her front porch. They administered a preliminary or portable breath test, also known as a PBT, and the woman's blood alcohol level was over a .20%. The woman was arrested  for suspicion of a domestic violence assault and also public drunkenness. The assault was later dismissed, but the woman was convicted of public drunkenness, and that led to the appeal and consideration by the state supreme court.