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June 2017 Archives

Excessive Drinking on College Campuses And Failure to Seek Medical Help Is A Problem

The recent death of Timothy Piazza has put underage drinking and excessive consumption of alcohol on college campuses into the spotlight again. The overconsumption of alcohol at Penn State is not a Greek Life problem, it is a university dilemma that is getting worse because it is not being addressed. I represent a lot of Penn Student and their friends that get arrested for Underage Drinking or Public Drunkenness, and many of those students had attended parties at apartments in State College or in dorms on campus. I am routinely seeing blood alcohol levels that are 3 and even 4 times the legal limit. In many of those cases, the clients were actually found passed out by the police.

Going Topless at Pennsylvania Beaches

Most people have probably read recent articles about women going topless at the beach in Ocean City, Maryland. I suspect that some people are curious if it could happen in Pennsylvania. The law that was discussed in Ocean City was Indecent Exposure. In Pennsylvania, the Indecent Exposure law generally prohibits a male or female from exposing "genitals" in public. While the term "genitals" is not expressly defined in the law, cases have generally limited theindecent-exposure.jpg term to refer to the penis or vagina. For example, in the case of Commonwealth v. DeWalt, 752 A.2d 915 (Pa. Super. 2000), the Superior Court overturned a woman's conviction of Indecent Exposure when the woman the onlookers only viewed the woman's breasts and did not view her nether regions.