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Burglary Archives

Man Blames Vandalism Spree on Too Much Music and Masturbation

I represent many Penn State students who are charged with criminal offenses stemming from alcohol and drug related incidents. Some charges are directly related to drugs and alcohol, such as possession of marijuana, underage drinking, and public drunkenness. However, many of my clients are charged with offenses such as burglary and criminal trespass after having a bit too much and going into the wrong apartment or dorm room. Other students get a bit angrierburglary.jpg after drinking and get charged with assault offenses, sometimes of the misdemeanor simple assault variety, but other times clients are charged with felony offenses of aggravated assault. The key factor is that the client had a bit too much to drink, and the over-consumption led to poor decision making.

Thin Ice - Burglars of Ice Fishing Shacks Caught After Falling Through Ice

Some Wisconsin men made the very bad decision to break into and steal from numerous ice fishing shacks on the frozen Upper St. Croix Lake. Of course, when you are stealing heavy things like a television and an auger, you need to park your getaway vehicle close by to limit the physical strain. The problem is that the ice was able to support the shack and its contents and it was able to support the car, but the ice could not support both the car and the stolen goods. As the thieves attempted to make their escape in the 2014 Ford Focus, the ice  gave way, and the vehicle sunk into the icy waters.

State College Burglar Steals Sandwich and Sauces

Most people have enough sense to refrain from breaking and entering into a house or place of business.  Those that do make the bad decision to commit such a trespass normally do so with the intent to steal something of value, such as electronics and money.  A State College burglar recently broke into into a closed Subway restaurant and stole approximately $100.00 worth of food and sauces. People probably wonder why someone would break into a restaurant to steal some food. Regrettably, I have represented quite a few Penn State students over the years that have made some bad decisions, and the common denominator in those cases is that the bad decisions were made after having a few too many drinks.

State College Burglars Caught on Apartment Surveillance Video

While the crime rate overall has decreased in State College over State Patty's Day weekend, it doesn't mean that serious crimes do not occur. The police received reports of items missing from the Meridian II apartment building, so the police contacted the realty company that manages the building and reviewed video footage. The video shows two men walking hallways, checking doors to see if they were open, disappearing into some apartments, and presumably removing  items from the vacant apartments. In order to try and identify the men, the police have released the video to local media outlets, including the Centre Daily Times online newspaper. The police released this video with the hope of catching these thieves, and there are several clear frames of these men's faces, so they will be easily identified by any friends or family who might see the video.