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Criminal Records/Expungement Archives

How does expungement work in Pennsylvania?

Criminal charges in Pennsylvania can create a permanent, publicly accessible record, even without an actual conviction. Just one mistake can generate repercussions you may continue to feel for the rest of your life, affecting your career prospects and social relationships.

Ironman Pardoned by California Governor

Why would Ironman, a superhero and member of the Avengers, need a pardon? While Ironman has often saved the world from villains, he and his Avengers team often cause a significant amount of damage to property, and damaging the property of another is a criminal offense of Criminal Mischief. The severity of a  Criminal Mischief charge is based upon the loss of value to the damaged property, and, because Ironman and the Hulk tend to cause millions of dollars of damage, the Mischief charge should be a felony offense.