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Furnishing Alcohol to Minors Archives

Why Allowing Minors to Drink at 4th Fest Parties Is a Bad Idea

Many people enjoy celebrating Independence Day by getting together with family and friends at a backyard cookout. Backyard barbeques often include having a few beers or mixed drinks. According to statistics, the 4th of July is one of the holidays during which many of the drinkers are under the age of 21. While many of us have imbibed some booze while being underage, that does not make it legal, not for the minor or the adult furnisher. Growing up, some adults permitted my friends anindependence_day_drinking.jpgd me to drink with the expectation that we would not drive afterwards, and the belief was that the adults could not prevent underage drinking, so the goal was to control the environment in which the drinking occurred. As a young man, I enjoyed the idea. As an adult, I understand the rationale, but I believe that I will take a different approach with my kids. I will not know definitively what I will do in this situation until I actually get to that point in my life. My kids are currently 10 and 8, so I am not too concerned about them consuming an alcohol just yet. However, when I do get to that point in my life, I do not believe I will permit my kids or their friends to drink because I understand the severe negative consequences to me personally, to the minors, and to the public at large that can flow from such a decision.

Pennsylvania Man Gives Alcohol to Amish Kids Then Rear-Ended by Buggy

I would say that this could only happen in Pennsylvania, but there are actually Amish communities in many states across the United States. It just so happens that the Lancaster area may be the most famous area associated with Amish, and this case happened to occur in Lancaster County. While I do not believe that young Amish adults are as involved in criminal activity as portrayed by the television show Amish Mafia, many young adults do make bad decisions. According to an online article on fox43.com, a few young Amish men were in the parking lot of a Turkey Hill convenience store when a 25-year-old man pulled in and decided to impress the young men by showing them his pistol and by giving them some Yuengling Lager beer. The entire group then left the parking lot, thamish_buggy_crash.jpge man in his car and the young Amish men in their buggy. The man later passed the buggy, and, according the article, it sounds as if the man abruptly stopped his car and was then rear-ended by the horse and buggy.

Is Mother To Blame For Allowing Son To Drink, Drive, And Fatally Strike Child?

In a very sad story, a 20-year-old Allegheny County man was driving under the influence when he struck and killed a 6-year-old girl that had been standing in her driveway. A tragic story all around. A 6-year-old struck down as her life was just getting started. While the young girl is the innocent victim, one must also consider that the 20-year-old must live with the memory that he took the life of another. Having such memories will haunt him for the rest of his life. He will have plenty of time to reflect on his actions as a conviction of Homicide by Vehicle While DUI would result in a relatively lengthy prison sentence being imposed. Upon his release, when he completes employment applications, he will also report that he is a convicted felon, and he will have to explain that his poor decision to drink and drive as a 20-year-old caused him to take the life of another. Imagine this young man is 40 years old and has a 6-year-old daughter that wants her father to coach soccer or attend a school field trip as a chaperone. The father will be reminded that his prior criminal history prevents him passing a background clearance check to participate in such activities, and when he looks at his daughter, he will be reminded of the life that he took. Again, this is just a tragic story all around, and a story that requires prayers for all those involved.

Party at Pennsylvania College Leads to Forty-Five Underage Drinking Citations

College campuses across Pennsylvania and across the United States are full of underage drinkers and underage drinking parties. While the partying activity is widespread, it is still illegal and not ignored by most police departments. In a recent York County, Pennsylvania incident, a few York College students decided to host a party and possibly make some money by charging $10.00 per person to attend. Because their marketing budget was limited, the young entrepreneurs turned to Facebook to spread the word. Regrettably, they failed to understand that the police also have access to social media.

Underage Drinking Party Results in Death, Furnisher of Alcohol Sentenced to Probation

A Pennsylvania judge in Washington County recently imposed a sentence in a case involving allegations that a 25-year-old woman provided alcohol to minors. Some of the minors left the party, got into an accident, and the accident resulted in the death of one minor and injured another two. The woman pleaded guilty to four counts of Furnishing Alcohol to Minors under ยง 6310.1 of the Crimes Code, and a charge of Involuntary Manslaughter was dismissed.