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Pennsylvania's New Law Legalizing Medical Marijuana

We've all heard of the fight for medical marijuana going on in many states throughout the country. This battle was won in Pennsylvania this week, but that doesn't mean it will not be without its challenges. Following years of lobbying, Governor Tom Wolf signed the use of medical marijuana into law.

Attorney Charged With Possession After Marijuana Falls from Pocket in Court

A Connecticut attorney recently received a citation for drug possession after marijuana fell from his pocket while he was in court. According to a paralegal at the firm where the attorney worked, a parent had confiscated marijuana from her child, and the parent provided the marijuana to the attorney along with a request that the attorney talk to the juvenile. The story proceeds that the attorney put the weed in his pocket and forgot about it until the marijuana fell from his pocket in court. The story sounds a little farfetched, and it does become harder for me to believe after one discovers that the quantity of marijuana involved was alleged to have been approximately two ounces.