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Ironman Pardoned by California Governor

Why would Ironman, a superhero and member of the Avengers, need a pardon? While Ironman has often saved the world from villains, he and his Avengers team often cause a significant amount of damage to property, and damaging the property of another is a criminal offense of Criminal Mischief. The severity of a  Criminal Mischief… view more

Compassionate Judge Spends Night in Jail with Sentenced Veteran

As a criminal defense lawyer, I am before judges quite frequently for sentencing hearings. Because my law firm is located in State College, I represent a lot of Penn State students that get into trouble, often as a result of having a bit too much to drink. Most of my clients are good people at… view more

Will Penn State Decriminalize Possession of a Small Amount Marijuana for Personal Use?

According to online news reports, the State College Borough is considering following the lead of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia and passing a local ordinance to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana. This does not mean that marijuana is now legal in Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania, a person that possesses less than 30 grams of marijuana for… view more