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Underage Drinking Party Near Pittsburgh Has Over 700 Attendees

By Jason Dunkle on G+ As a State College criminal defense attorney, I routinely deal with Underage Drinking and Furnishing Alcohol to Minors cases that stem from the police being called to Penn State parties that got out of control. However, a recent party in Fox Chapel near Pittsburgh has put a routine Penn State… view more

Two DUIs Lead to Death of Pennsylvania Volunteer Fireman

By Jason Dunkle on G+ A Loganville, Pennsylvania volunteer fireman responded to a DUI-related accident, and, while directing traffic, a second drunk driver drove around the parked emergency vehicle and then struck and killed the fireman. It is very sad that a 45-year-old man lost his life while trying to help others. The criminal  justice… view more

Sisters Charged With DUI After Switching Seats During Traffic Stop

By Jason Dunkle on G+ I have heard that inebriation starts with the first drink of alcohol, and, the more a person drinks, the more suspect the decisions that are made. In a recent Florida case, sisters were subjected to a traffic stop, and, after the vehicle was stopped, the sisters switched places in the car… view more

Pennsylvania DUI Lawyer Accepted Oral Sex In Lieu of Payment

By Jason Dunkle on G+ In a relatively routine situation in Pennsylvania, a woman was charged with driving under the influence, and she met with a DUI attorney to discuss representation. The current DUI was a second offense because the woman had previously completed the Pennsylvania Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program. At the meeting, the… view more

Off-Duty Police Officer Arrested for DUI with Kids in Car

By Jason Dunkle on G+ A nineteen-year veteran police officer was recently charged with a Pennsylvania DUI offense after he was involved in an accident and it was discovered that his blood alcohol concentration was .276%. While the high blood alcohol   concentration is alarming, more troubling is the fact that the man had been drinking… view more