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Seven Time DUI Offender Blames Accident on Elephant in Roadway

By Jason Dunkle on G+ According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, a man was arrested and charged with his seventh DUI after being involved in a car accident and striking a guardrail. The  investigating officer questioned the man about the accident, and the man claimed that an elephant was crossing the roadway, so the man had… view more

Suspended Judge Facing Criminal Charges Still Wins Retention Vote

By Jason Dunkle on G+ A judge in Illinois won a retention election despite serving a suspension since March with pending misdemeanor assault charges for pushing a sheriff’s deputy. Similar to sitting judges in Pennsylvania, judges in Illinois that are seeking re-election are not actually opposed by another judicial candidate. Instead, voters  basically choose to… view more

Penn State Students’ Response to Hurricane Sandy – Drink Hurricane Beer, Not Commit Criminal Activity

While some Penn State students took advantage of afternoon classes being canceled due to Hurricane Sandy by purchasing 40 ounce bottles of Hurricane malt liquor, there were no news reports of any increased criminal activity.  Regrettably, news reports have stated that some people in South Brooklyn were involved in looting and fights. Stressful situations sometimes… view more

Christmas Grinch Part Two – Thief Steals from Toys for Tots

By Jason Dunkle on G+ A Grinch-like burglar broke into a storage facility in Seattle and stole over $6,000.00 in toys that had been donated to a Toys for Tots program. The local YWCA used a donation of $6,250.00 to purchase approximately 250 toys to give to underprivileged children.  Hopefully the police are able to… view more