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State College DUI Archives

One-Car Accident Results in DUI Charges Against Two People

How does a one-car accident result in DUI charges against two people?  First, at approximately 1:30 a.m., a woman drove her vehicle off the roadway, hit a pole, and then the vehicle flipped over.   Not surprisingly, an accident occurring on clear roads in the wee hours of the morning leads to suspicion of driving while intoxicated.  In this case, the suspicion was correct as the woman was later charged with DUI. Nothing really outside of the norm so far.

"Theme" Drinking at Penn State - Students Buy "Hurricane" Malt Liquor

As a Penn State alum and member of a fraternity, I have been around many people that didn't really need an excuse to drink.  Some Penn State students chose to give tribute to Hurricane Sandy after afternoon classes were canceled.  On Monday, State College 6-pack shops noticed a surge of  sales on Hurricane brand malt liquor.  While a regular day's sales were one case, meaning 12 of the 40 ounces bottles of beer, by 3:30 p.m. on Monday, the shop had sold 11 cases, or 120 more bottles than normal.

State College DUI Case - Virginia DUI Not a "Prior Offense"

DUI charges are treated as very serious offenses in Pennsylvania as evidenced by the mandatory minimum penalties that must be imposed for convictions. The mandatory minimum penalties often include mandatory periods of incarceration, license suspensions, and fines. The DUI signs that one routinely sees along Pennsylvania roadways that state "DUI - You Can't Afford It" are completely true. The mandatory minimum sentences are primarily based upon two factors: 1) the number of prior offenses; and 2) the blood alcohol level of the DUI suspect. As would be expected, a person that has a higher blood alcohol level or has prior DUI offenses is subject to more severe mandatory minimum penalties.