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Judge Grants Suppression of Evidence in Centre County Drug Paraphernalia Case

The Pennsylvania State Police routinely stop people that are traveling on interstate 80 for various traffic violations, such as speeding, driving in the left lane, or failure to use a turn signal. In some of those traffic stops, the police discover evidence of drug possession or possession of drug paraphernalia. In a recent Centre County case, the police stopped a man for speeding during the early afternoon, and the trooper claimed that the man was visibly shaking and that the car smelled strongly of perfume.

Failure To Mirandize In State College Drug Possession Case

A Centre County judge recently issued an opinion in a State College misdemeanor drug possession case in which the criminal defense lawyer sought suppression of statements made by the defendant because the officer did not advise the defendant of her Miranda warnings.  The judge's decision granted the suppression of some statements, but the judge also felt that Miranda warnings were not required during the entire interaction between the officer and suspect and therefore ruled that some incriminating statements would be admissible at a future trial.