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Theft Archives

Man Borrowed Friend's Car To Make Court Appearance, Arrested For Forgetting To Ask Permission First

According to a Philadelphia newspaper, a New Jersey man undertook a cost-benefit analysis and felt that it was better to borrow a friend's car and drive to a court hearing for drug charges instead of missing the court appearance and having a warrant issued. In most criminal cases, a person that has pending misdemeanor or felony charges is subject to conditions of bail, which often require a person to stay out of trouble, keep the court updated with a correct mailing address, and to appear in court when required. When a person fails to appear in court, the prosecutor often asks that a warrant be issued and that any monetary bail that was posted be forfeited to the government.

Serial Retail Thief - Stole Beer 54 times from Convenience Store

An Arizona man was recently arrested after allegedly stealing beer from Circle K convenience stores 54 times over a 9-month period of time. The total value of the stolen beer was slightly under $7,000.00. The store employees had provided video of the thefts to the police, but the police were unable to identify the suspect. The man was recently stopped by police for some other suspected criminal activity, and the police then identified the man as being the suspect in the retail thefts caught on video. It is claimed that the man admitted at least some of the thefts to the cops and claimed that he stole the items because he  needed the money. I guess that he was selling the alcohol as opposed to just having a lot of parties.

State College Thieves Forget Christmas Is a Time of Giving, Not Taking

According to a State College newspaper, some Christmas day shoppers at the Benner Pike Wal-Mart in Centre County appear to have forgotten that the Christmas season is the time for giving and not taking after they were charged with Retail Theft and Receiving Stolen Property. Maybe they thought that the "giving" portion of the season meant that the store was supposed to give the  merchandise them by allowing them to take the items without paying for them. Regrettably, taking items without paying is theft.