Centre County DUI

Evidence Suppressed in State College DUI Case – Illegal Traffic Stop

The law applies to everyone, including police officer when performing their duties and conducting investigations.  If the police violate a person’s constitutional rights during an investigation, then the law requires that evidence seized as a result of the violation must be suppressed and cannot be used at future court proceedings.  It is a simple concept,… view more

Detention or Custody in State College DUI Investigation

By Jason Dunkle on G+ In a recent blog, I discussed when police-citizen interactions are investigative detentions or custodial situations, and I reviewed a typical Penn State marijuana possession investigation to show both concepts in a practical situation. I also noted that the distinction between a mere encounter and custody can be important for 5th… view more

State College DUI Case – Virginia DUI Not a “Prior Offense”

DUI charges are treated as very serious offenses in Pennsylvania as evidenced by the mandatory minimum penalties that must be imposed for convictions. The mandatory minimum penalties often include mandatory periods of incarceration, license suspensions, and fines. The DUI signs that one routinely sees along Pennsylvania roadways that state “DUI – You Can’t Afford It”… view more

State College DUI Patrol Results in Five Arrests

By Jason Dunkle on G+ In order to enforce Pennsylvania DUI laws in Centre County more aggressively, members of the Ferguson, Patton, and Spring Township police departments recently conducted roving patrols that focused on enforcement of traffic violations. The increased effort led to the issuance of 32 traffic citations, 2 Underage Drinking non-traffic summary citations,… view more