Drug Possession

Westmoreland County Creates Drug Court to Combat Drug Addiction

Another Pennsylvania county has recognized that rehabilitative and therapeutic courts are a great way to treat addiction and thereby reduce recidivism. While drug addiction has always been a problem, the type of people who are becoming addicted is changing. Addiction has often been viewed as primarily affecting the lower class of citizens, but more and… view more

Marijuana Activist in Philly Gets Reminded that Marijuana Still Illegal Under Federal Law

While many states have de-criminalized or even legalized marijuana, it is still illegal in Pennsylvania and under federal law. Many people wonder why the federal government does not prosecute people in states like Colorado where marijuana is openly sold and used because of the state law legalizing pot. Years ago, the Department of Justice issued… view more

Auburn Football Player Charged With Marijuana Possession Days After Attending DARE Program

For those that don’t know, DARE stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education and was an anti-drug program created in the 1980’s under the Reagan Administration’s War on Drugs. The program has been taught to elementary and high school students by law enforcement officers since then. You can imagine that the police would seek volunteers from… view more

Pittsburgh Defense Attorney Introduced Drug Paraphernalia Into Evidence at Hearing, Criminal Charges Possible

According to a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article, a Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney was representing a client charged with drug possession and other offenses at a suppression hearing before an Allegheny County judge, and the lawyer questioned her client’s wife about a small wooden box. The wife admitted that the box was hers, and upon opening the… view more

Inmate on Road Work Crew Gets Marijuana Delivery

I thought that I had heard of almost everything, but a state correctional inmate receiving a marijuana delivery while working on a road crew was a new one. A Florida inmate was working with other inmates when a black Dodge Charger drove by and something was tossed out the window. The inmate picked up the… view more