Centre County ARD Program

Many Pennsylvania courts use ARD or other “first-time offender” or “probation without verdict” programs to resolve criminal charges such as DUI, Possession of a Small Amount of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Furnishing Alcohol to Minors, and Possession of a Fake ID. While many of the county programs will have the similar requirements and conditions, many county programs are slightly different. For example, while many counties impose a completion of community service as a requirement of ARD, a lot of counties permit the ARD participant to complete the service anywhere, but the Centre County courts generally mandate that the community service must be completed in Centre County. Also, several county ARD programs prohibit a participant from drinking or even being present in an establishment that serves alcohol, but the Centre County program generally does not have such a prohibition. For information about a particular county’s ARD program, a person should contact a criminal defense lawyer that has experience handling such cases in that county.

The Centre County ARD program is generally separated between DUI and non-DUI cases, and the different types of cases are assigned to different probation officers. The Centre County ARD program for DUI and non-DUI cases both have the following standard conditions:

  1. 12 months of supervision by the probation department
  2. Completion of community service
  3. Payment of ARD costs and fees
  4. Suspension of Pennsylvania driving privileges (suspensions are generally for DUI, Underage Drinking, and Possession of a Fake ID charges)

Centre County ARD for DUI cases may also have the following conditions:

  1. 12.5 hour Alcohol Highway Safety School
  2. Alcohol counseling
  3. Completion of C-CERT program
  4. No alcohol consumption provision