“Jason was extremely knowledgeable and very professional when it came to dealing with my case. I really felt that he was on my side and wanted the best outcome for me. He informed me of everything I needed to be aware of in a timely manner and gave me quick, thorough, and clear responses to all of my questions and concerns. Jason was able to successfully help me deal with a life ruining situation and I will be forever grateful to him. If you’re looking to get the best possible outcome and someone who will want to help you get that outcome no matter what the challenges are, I highly recommend Jason Dunkle. He is genuinely here to help his clients in every way possible. I definitely recommend Jason Dunkle too anyone.”

Jonathan | State College, PA

“Like surgery, there’s no such thing as “minor” legal trouble when your child in involved. It’s frightening and all you want is someone to (1) tell you it’s going to be ok, and (2) make it be ok. Jason did both for us. From our first consultation with him, through to the final disposition of our son’s case, Jason was thorough, patient, and gave us the information and comfort we needed to see it through. He laid out precisely what we should expect, what our son had to do, and how the outcome would likely play out. He was absolutely correct in every aspect. And when we had questions or concerns he was consistently available and responsive. We felt well taken care of.

I hope I never have to retain legal counsel again. But if that day does come, Jason will be the first call I make. He gets a 2-thumbs-up unqualified recommendation from me and my family.”

Howard | State College, PA

“As an attorney with more than 30 years of practice experience, when I needed an attorney in State College for a matter relating to a college student, I and my staff did extensive research before choosing counsel. Mr. Dunkle came highly recommended and was most certainly the right choice. He carefully explained the process, defined his services, and stayed within the fee structure he outlined. His knowledge of the systems, including the police and judges, helped us tremendously and produced the positive outcome we were hoping for in this matter. If the need ever again arises, we will certainly engage Mr. Dunkle. When seeking local counsel in the State College area look no further than Jason Dunkle.”

Gary | State College, PA

“I am an attorney who needed a local attorney in State College to handle an under age drinking citation for a family member. Jason was highly recommended and he managed to exceed our high expectations. He got the charge dismissed and record expunged. If you need an attorney in Centre County, I highly recommend Jason.”

Jack | State College, PA

“I am a parent of a child attending Penn State. I got the phone call, “Dad. I’m in big trouble and it is not my fault”. Well, if you ask me, it was his fault and he was facing felony conviction of cocaine with intent to sell. He could have easily spent the next two years in jail, instead of on the Dean’s List.

Jason Dunkle was recommended to me by a prominent attorney, not in the State College area. He said, “If my son was in that kind of trouble, this is the person I would want to represent him”. Mr. Dunkle has a wonderful rapport with my son. He is a down to earth kind of guy and my son felt very comfortable working with him. At every point of the process, Mr Dunkle made my son feel comfortable and confident, even when he explained the bad news about how serious his situation could become.

More importantly than my son, Mr Dunkle was able to calm my wife and myself. It seemed like at every point of the process we panic. Mr Dunkle was very responsive to our every concern.

Mr Dunkle helped my son have the best outcome possible in light of the serious charges facing him at such a young age. You could say that Mr Dunkle saved my son’s college career, professional career and life.”

Craig | State College, PA