Message to Parents

Since you are reviewing materials on a criminal defense lawyer’s website, you obviously have had better days.  Your child or loved one has gotten into some sort of legal trouble, be it with the school, the criminal justice system, or both.  You are scared and worried about what is going to happen in the immediate future as well as long-term.  You wish that you could make this all go away or take the punishment on yourself, but you can’t do that.  As a parent myself, I understand the desire to do everything possible to protect and minimize negative impacts on my kids.  The offense could be relatively small one like Underage Drinking or Possession of a Fake ID, or it could be a bigger charge, like a felony offense of Aggravated Assault or Drug Delivery.  Regardless of the legal severity, I understand that the case is the most imortant thing to you and thereby should be handled accordingly.  Every case deserves to be treated with the same level of service.

How Bad Is It? What Is Going to Happen? What do we do to minimize the damage?

All parents have those questions.  You want to know what is going to happen, when, and what can and should be done to mitigate the damage.  JD Law is an experienced law firm that has been representing people charged in the criminal justice system and Penn State students that must go through the university’s disciplinary process since the firm’s inception in 2012.  While every case and every situation is different, the lawyers at JD Law can rely on their years of experience to discuss how similar cases were handled in the past and the outcomes that were obtained.  This will give you confidence in understand the range of likely outcomes and the game plan in achieving the best possible results.

What do you do?  Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney

So your child made a bad decision and it appears that he or she “wrecked” their life.  What would you do if your child wrecked your car?  You would go online, read reviews for good body shops, and you would hire that body shop to fix the problem.  You then rely on the repairperson to fix the vehicle.  Attorneys are no different.  You should conduct research to find a good attorney.  For a list of attributes of a good attorney, check out this link.  At a minimum, you should be looking for an attorney that is recommended by other prominent criminal defense attorneys and that has garnered client reviews over many years of service.  A good attorney should have a history of winning cases.  Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney with whom you feel comfortable, and rely on that attorney to fix the problem.  If you know that you have a professional fixing the problem, it makes it easier for you to sleep at night.

To have an experienced State College criminal defense attorney review your case, contact JD Law via email or at (814) 689-9139.