State College Sexual Assault Lawyer

Sex-related crimes can result in very serious penalties and consequences. In many instances, a conviction can impact your rights and record for life. No sex-related allegation should be taken lightly. Whether you are under investigation and suspect you may be charged with a sex crime or you have already been charged, you need immediate and aggressive representation from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

At JD Law in State College, Pennsylvania, we are experienced in the investigation and defense of clients who have been accused of sexual assault and sexually related offenses. We understand the stress, frustration, and fear associated with these kinds of allegations and work aggressively to uncover the truth and protect your rights.

Immediate Investigations Focused on the Facts

Even before charges are filed, our attorney will perform an investigation, identify your options, pursue appropriate resources and develop a strategy for record expungement. We are prepared for every stage of your defense. We know how to evaluate sex crimes cases in our county and throughout Pennsylvania. Understanding how the state will build a case allows us to find weaknesses and identify every defense opportunity to minimize your charges and penalties.

Our State College sexual assault attorney is experienced in defending our clients in cases involving:

Act Now to Prevent Serious Penalties

Remember that a conviction can invoke Megan’s Law, requiring any offender to register as a sex offender for life. You also risk significant fines, a damaging record and in many cases jail time. Our lawyer, Jason Dunkle, is prepared to aggressively defend clients through criminal proceedings and at college administrative hearings. We are zealous advocates, always focused on the best possible resolution for our clients.

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