Grading and Penalties of Pennsylvania Criminal Mischief, 18 Pa.C.S.A. § 3304

The severity of Pennsylvania criminal mischief charges is primarily based upon the monetary loss to the damaged property.

If the criminal mischief charge does not fall within the above-referenced offense grades, then the charge is a summary offense. A summary nontraffic offense generally has a maximum sentence of 90 days incarceration and a $300 fine.

Convictions, Sentences, and Collateral Consequences

A person convicted of criminal mischief faces a sentence that could include probation or jail time, payment of fines, costs, and restitution. A conviction of a criminal offense also has collateral consequences, such as a more difficult time finding employment; possible issues with licensing for professionals like doctors, engineers, nurses, and lawyers; and removal from schools such as Penn State.

A person charged with criminal mischief should have an experienced criminal defense attorney review the case, discuss possible defense strategies, and review possible collateral consequences of the criminal conviction.

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