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A theft crime, including shoplifting or retail theft, is a serious offense that can result in significant penalties that can impact your rights, your record, and your future if you are convicted. Theft-related convictions are some of the most scrutinized by future employers, as employers believe that such offenses show the person is dishonest and cannot be trusted.

The critical issue is avoiding the conviction, and the best way to do so is to have your case reviewed by a criminal defense attorney. An experienced State College theft attorney may find weaknesses in the case and aggressively fight the case, or the attorney may be able to negotiate a resolution that avoids the theft conviction. Some theft cases may be resolved via participation in a pretrial diversionary program such as ARD, or a plea offer may be reached with the prosecutor to avoid a conviction of the theft charges. At JD Law in State College, Pennsylvania, we are experienced in handling the unique challenges faced by college students and others in Pennsylvania who face criminal charges.

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As your criminal defense attorney, Jason Dunkle will take a comprehensive approach to your case, evaluating the charges, evidence presented against you and your legal defenses. Our job is to work toward the best possible outcome to reduce your charges, protect your rights and minimize penalties.

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