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Criminal Sentence and Collateral Consequences

In Pennsylvania, possession of any drug for personal use is a misdemeanor offense.  If the police believe that the drugs were possessed with the intent to deliver and not for personal use, then the charge would be a felony offense and thereby carry much more severe criminal penalties and collateral consequences.  A conviction for a misdemeanor drug charge carries a possible sentence that includes fines and court costs and a period of probation or even jail time. A conviction also creates a criminal record that can make it much more difficult for a person to obtain a job in the future.  For people in the medical field, such as doctors and nurses, any alcohol or drug-related conviction can make it more difficult or even impossible to attend some schools or be professionally licensed.  In such situations, it is extremely important to try and avoid the conviction, possibly through participation in a pretrial diversionary program such as ARD or PWOV, or through a plea agreement with the prosecutor.  A misdemeanor conviction generally is not eligible to be expunged and is not eligible to be sealed via an Order for Limited Access for 10 years.  If a person hires a good lawyer, the likelihood of avoiding the conviction is substantially increased.  Avoiding the conviction avoids the needs to try and seal the record.

Penn State Drug Possession Lawyer

The attorneys at JD Law have extensive experience in representing people, especially college students at Penn State and Lock Haven, that have been charged with drug possession and many criminal offenses.  Many college students engage in recreational use of drugs, including marijuana, and the students learn the hard way that misdemeanor drug possession charges are serious.  Penn State students must also be aware that the Office of Student Conduct often finds out about pending criminal charges, and the student will need to go through Penn State’s student disciplinary process.

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