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While drug possession cases are prevalent in many areas across Pennsylvania, the criminal defense firm of JD Law in State College has extensive experience in drug possession cases involving college students at Lock Haven University, and the Altoona and University Park Campuses of Penn State. Many college students engage in recreational use of drugs, including marijuana, and the students learn the hard way that misdemeanor drug possession charges are serious.

Drug defense lawyer Jason S. Dunkle routinely represents people charged with drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia, and Penn State students must be aware that they are often charged with criminal offenses and are alleged also to have violated the Penn State Rules of Student Conduct. This means that a student can receive sanctions in both the criminal and school settings.

Criminal Penalties and Collateral Consequences Associated With Conviction

In Pennsylvania, possession of any drug for personal use is a misdemeanor offense. If the police believe that the drugs were possessed with the intent to deliver and not for personal use, then the charge would be a felony offense and thereby carry much more severe criminal penalties and collateral consequences.

Even if you are only charged and convicted of a misdemeanor offense of drug possession, the possible sentence includes fines and court costs, a period of probation or incarceration, and a suspension of driving privileges. A conviction of drug possession would also result in the creation of a criminal record, and Pennsylvania law does not currently allow for the expungement of misdemeanor convictions. A criminal record reduces one’s ability to obtain employment and may possibly inhibit licensure in some professional fields. The only way to avoid the collateral consequences is to avoid a conviction of the drug possession charge.

Case Reviewed by Experienced State College Criminal Defense Lawyers

Jason S. Dunkle, our experienced State College drug defense attorney, works to minimize the impact of drug possession charges in both the criminal justice and Penn State disciplinary settings. The impact of drug possession charges may be reduced by:

  • Having the client participate in a pretrial diversionary program such as ARD
  • Negotiating an agreement with the prosecuting attorney
  • Seeking suppression of evidence, based upon perceived violations of the law or Constitution
  • Challenging the case at trial

You can view some strategies that were successfully used by our Penn State marijuana possession defense attorney in drug possession cases.

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