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Party at Pennsylvania College Leads to Forty-Five Underage Drinking Citations

College campuses across Pennsylvania and across the United States are full of underage drinkers and underage drinking parties. While the partying activity is widespread, it is still illegal and not ignored by most police departments. In a recent York County, Pennsylvania incident, a few York College students decided to host a party and possibly make some money by charging $10.00 per person to attend. Because their marketing budget was limited, the young entrepreneurs turned to Facebook to spread the word. Regrettably, they failed to understand that the police also have access to social media.

Underage Drinker Released After Winning Rock, Paper, Scissors

According to a Huffington Post article, a woman at a Texas music festival was not issued an Underage Drinking citation after she beat the officers at a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. The event was apparently recorded and went viral. The officers are now in trouble and have been banned from working the same concert in the future.

Ohio Judge Imposes Unique Sentences on First Time Offenders

After being a criminal defense attorney in State College for almost 11 years, I have seen Pennsylvania judges impose sentences on thousands of people, and those sentences generally include a period of jail time, probation, community service, payment of costs and fines, and completion of counseling. The sentences are relatively uniform, and in many cases, the sentences are "cookie cuttered," meaning the person being sentenced receives the same sentence as the last person and individual consideration is not given. For example, almost all drunk driving offenders are sentenced to the severe mandatory minimum  sentences, and no consideration is given to whether or not the person completed an alcohol counseling program or sought treatment for alcohol addiction.

Pennsylvania District Attorneys Are Gatekeepers to First-Time Offender Program Called ARD

A recent Dauphin County case has brought attention to who decides whether a person charged with a criminal offense is permitted to participate in a pretrial diversionary or first-time offender program known as Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition, commonly called "ARD." With the ARD program, a person pleads not guilty to the criminal charges, but the person willingly accepts a punishment from the court in the form of supervision by the probation department, payment of court costs and fees, community service, and completion of counseling. Upon completion of the ARD requirements and  compliance with its conditions, the person successfully completes the ARD program and is normally able to have the charges dismissed and then expunged from the criminal records maintained by the government.

Mom Charged with Child Endangerment After Hiring Strippers for 16-Year-Old Son

I am not sure what made a New York mom think that hiring two strippers for her 16-year-old son's birthday party was a good idea. I think that most people would agree that her plan was not a good idea, but I am sure that most people would not expect that her bad decision would result in the filing of Child Endangerment  charges.