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Pittsburgh Man's Attempt to Avoid Sitting On Jury Lands Him In Jail

A Pittsburgh area man recently learned the hard way that some judges expect Pennsylvania citizens to take their civic duty to serve on a jury very seriously. The man had reported to the local county courthouse to be considered as a possible juror on a homicide trial. According to a Pittsburgh Tribune article, the man asked the assistant district attorney handling the prosecution of the case how long he must remain at court. Upon being told that his subpoena was effective until 4:30 in the afternoon, the man responded that this was "a waste  of his time." The man owned a local pizza business, and I suspect that he, like most other business owners, spends long hours at the office. Missing a day of work is not a small thing. Instead of sucking it up and performing his civic duty, the man tried to have himself removed from the jury pool by answering questions in a manner to have himself struck. The straw that broke the camel's back was probably when the man happened to be standing close to the defendant, and the potential juror asked the defendant "did you do it."