Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana – Frequently Asked Questions

Pennsylvania legalized the medicinal use of marijuana in 2016.  There are very strict laws regarding the use of medical marijuana that must be followed in order to avoid criminal charges.  Some issues that people face are pretty straight forward and could be avoided via common sense.  For example, in order to use medicinal marijuana, a person must legally obtain a medical marijuana card through the state before using marijuan.  Also, a person must purchase legal marijuana through a state dispensary, meaning a person cannot try to save money by growing their own marijuana or buying marijuana on the street.  Medical marijuana is much more expensive than buying marijuana on the street.  It is understandable that people want to save money, but doing so is illegal.  Purchasing illegal marijuana could result in a misdemeanor offense of Possession of Marijuana, and growing marijuana could result in a felony charge of Manufacturing Marijuana under 35 P.S. 780-113(a)(30).

While some legal issues can easily be avoided, many people try to follow the law but get into trouble because many of the law do not make sense.  Bad news is that ignorance of the law is not a defense.  Below, review some of the more Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to the use of medicinal marijuana in Pennsylvania.

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