Why do charges appear on a background search when I completed ARD?

Expungement Is NOT Automatic

Successful completion of ARD gives a person the ABILITY to have charges dismissed and expunged.  People assume that ARD  automatically results in the expungement of charges.  It does NOT.   Completion of ARD gives a person the ability to file paperwork to have the charges dismissed and then expunged.  In order to obtain an expungement of charges, a person must go through the expungement process.  If the person does not file the required paperwork, the charges remain pending and can appear on criminal background searches.  It is only through the expungement process that charge or case information is removed from the government databases.

The good news is that the expungement process can be undertaken years after ARD completion.  The expungement must be filed in the county in which the case was filed.  If you need an expungement for an ARD case, contact an experienced expungement lawyer from JD Law at (814) 954-7622 or by email.