What are the conditions and requirements of ARD?

The “punishment” or conditions and requirements of ARD are often relatively severe and onerous.  The requirements will vary from county to county and will vary depending upon the precise criminal charges and the factual basis for the charges. Almost all ARD programs impose a period of supervision by the probation department, payment of ARD costs and fees, and completion of community service. As may be expected, drug and alcohol-related cases often require completion of drug and alcohol counseling, and assault cases often require completion of anger management programs.

While many counties have similar ARD conditions and requirements, differences often arise in the administration of ARD.  For example, some counties require that community service is completed in the county in which the charges were filed.  In some counties, probation allows people to take online classes.  In some counties, people are required to physically meet with the probation officer, but, in others, the client is allowed to email or call the probation officer.   application of those requirements. For example, in Centre County, persons charged with drunk driving or DUI generally receive a requirement of completing one.  Some counties administer urine or other drug tests to ARD participants, but other counties do not. You should talk to a criminal defense attorney that has experience in providing representation for ARD cases in a county to discuss the precise terms and conditions of ARD.

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