Why do charges appear on a background search after I completed ARD?

Expungement Is NOT Automatic

Did you really expect the government or court systems to do something to help you by expunging your record after you jumped through all the hoops to complete teh ARD program?  In order to have the charges dismissed and expunged, paperwork must be prepared and filed with the Clerk of Courts.  Very few counties file that paperwork for a person, so the person must do it him or or herself or hire an attorney to do it.  It is only through the expungement process that the case information is removed from the government databases.

The good news is that the problem can be fixed, meaning the dismissal and expungement paperwork can be filed long after successful completion of ARD.  The State College law office of JD Law has experienced Pennsylvania expungement lawyers that have filed expungements in Centre, Clinton, Blair, Huntingdon, and Clearfield counties.  If you want to discuss the expungement of your ARD case, contact JD Law at (814) 689-9139 or by email.