Why didn’t the police talk to me to get my side of the story in the assault investigation?

Many people watch TV shows like Law & Order or CSI and believe that the TV shows truly depict what happens in the criminal justice system.  TV is not real life.  Police do not always conduct a thorough investigation, interview everyone, gather all forensic evidence, and then prosecute the right person.  In many cases, there is no video or neutral witnesses.  It is one side versue the other side, and the police generally pick which side is the “victim” and which side will be the “defendant,” and the investigation proceeds in that manner.  The victim is believed, and the defendant is often not even interviewed, or, if interviewed, the defendant’s statements are ignored.  In many situations, the person that calls the police first and talks to the police first become the “victim.”

While it is not fair that the police do not conduct a neutral investigation, life is not fair.  The criminal “justice” system is not always justice.  Innocent people can be convicted and go to jail.  It happens.  The best way to combat the system is to hire an experienced assault defense attorney with a track record of success.  Attorney Jason S. Dunkle has been a criminal defense attorney since 2004 and has a history of success for representing thousdands of clients with many different charges throughout all phases of the criminal process.

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