Why didn’t the police talk to me to get my side of the story in the assault investigation?

This question is routinely asked by people charged with Simple Assault or Aggravated Assault in Centre County and other counties in Pennsylvania. Many assault cases, both Simple Assault and Aggravated Assault, are often “he-said-she-said” type of cases, meaning that many assault cases are not recorded on video or were not entirely viewed by an uninvolved party. Most of the witnesses to a fight are often friends of one side or the other and thereby not neutral.

While people expect that the police would speak with both sides and thereby conduct a very thorough investigation, it appears that many times the police make initial credibility determinations as to which side the officer tends to believe. The side that the police believe tends to become the victim’s, while the other side is considered to be the aggressor. The aggressors of the assault are often charged, but the victims are often not charged. In some cases, the victims were the initial instigators of the fight, but, since they were deemed the victim or loser of the fight, the victim was not charged.

While the limited investigation is not fair or just, it does happen. If you or someone you know has been charged with an assault offense, such as Simple Assault or Aggravated Assault, you should contact JD Law by email or by calling (814) 954-7622 to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with an experienced State College criminal defense lawyer. Consultations can be handled over the phone or via a face-to-face meeting. Penn State students can easily walk to the JD Law Office as it is located in downtown State College and only minutes away from the University Park Campus of Penn State. You need to talk to someone that is looking to defend your rights and obtain the best possible resolution in an assault case.